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About Us

What is Bar-jutsu?

Bar-jutsu is a movement that promotes a unique and humorous approach to self-defense that is customized for settings with the potential for trouble. We like to call it conflict management (though "Bar-jutsu" looks better on a T-shirt).

Bar-jutsu believes in fun, humor and just enough self-defense to, well…defend yourself. Our mission is to share our approach by delivering entertaining and educational events, productions and publications designed to teach conflict management and self-defense specifically designed for public settings that offer the potential for conflict.

Bar-jutsu is not a martial art, but it is an approach based on one. We promote fun, humor, peaceful conflict management, and self-defense when necessary. We do not promote violence, fighting, or aggression of any kind. Frankly, we think fighting is stupid.

Did we mention the fun we have?


…for any situation.