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Bar-jutsu Academy

The Bar-jutsu Academy is the training branch of Bar-jutsu. Bar-jutsu Academy offers specialized on-site training classes designed for anyone interested in picking up self-defense tactics specifically suited for public venues.

Typical Bar-jutsu Academy students include:

Bar-jutsu Academy won’t train you to become a master of ninjutsu or any other martial art, and we won’t hand out colored belts. But you will have fun while learning some very useful tactics that may help you on the job – or may simply help ensure that your next night out is safe as well as fun.

We typically conduct classes in various dojos in our hometown of Pittsburgh PA, but offer classes on client sites for those in other markets. We offer group training as well as individual.

Our student body has grown significantly, and we like to think of them as family. Want to join the family?

Contact us directly for information on individual or group classes.

Jim and Papa San
Ed Martin Shihan

Bar-jutsu Academy

Women's Safety Course