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Our New Game!

Bar-jutsu: Pittsburgh Drops February 23!

Imagine you are playing your favorite video game...you are a short plumber and you run around all these places picking up coins and crap that others have left behind then at the end you save this chick and really get no thanks for it and on top of all that, all the points and money you collected were meaningless! You can't even cash them in to trim your stupid mustache or buy some food or even see that princ...I mean girl naked!?

Well, now you can! Bar-jutsu: Pittsburgh let's you explore the city, take on some foes, earn points and THEN cash them in for things like food and drinks at Wingharts, admission into Blush Gentlemen's Club or haircuts at ANY SportClips!

Who would have thought playing a video game could actually help you out in LIFE!? Tell your mom she was wrong!

Bar-jutsu: Pittsburgh launches Feb 23 at Pittsburgh Beerfest during our 3 championship beer pong tournaments brought to you by 82 Labs' Morning Recovery Drink!

Available for iPhone and Android